Minor dents can quickly make your car look bad, not to mention the cost of repairing such damage. Winter driving is the real issue when it comes to dents and dings, even though 80% to 90% of dents are repairable with paintless dent repair. Though this might not always be a worry in our area, other parts of California and of the United States are much more affected by winter weather. When you’re visiting relatives during the holidays or taking winter vacations, these tips could come in handy. Here is what to do to avoid dents when driving in the winter.

The Basics of Avoiding Vehicle Dents in Wintry Conditions

Winter weather can be unpredictable, and storms can affect driving conditions in a variety of ways that make it more difficult for yourself and others to navigate even familiar roads. When you do not have to drive, you really should stay home and avoid possible misfortune. You are not only responsible for your driving safety, but for those of other drivers as well. Unfortunately, you have to practice defensive driving even more since other drivers may not be as careful. The more cars are on the road, the bigger the chances for a potential accident.

When you are driving remember that good drivers react to road conditions, but brilliant drivers foresee possible crises and avoid them. Drivers that can think ahead are the safest on the road and can avoid situations that might be more serious than just minor dents and dings.


Whenever driving on a slippery road, such as those covered with ice or snow, do not use cruise control. You need to do your best to control the conditions and react to them. Drive slowly as well because that will give you time to react to any possible issues on the road. Also, accelerate and decelerate as evenly and slowly as possible to avoid your car wheels starting to skid.

Do not apply the gas when going down hills or around curves. Gravity, acceleration and momentum will conspire to make your wheels spin. If your wheels do start to spin, pump your brakes until you regain control.

Following Distance

Increase your following distance to give yourself more reaction time so that you do not have to stop suddenly. If you have to stop quickly, pump your brakes, even if you have anti-lock brakes. That helps you regain traction quickly while reducing the chance of losing control over your wheels. Also do not stop or use your brakes if it is not necessary, since other cars following behind may not always be ready to brake.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead in your driving means knowing your route, getting into the corresponding turning lanes well in advance, stopping at a great distance between your vehicle and others and planning on extra time to reach your destination. In hazardous conditions, neighborhoods and back roads can be treacherous since they are less traveled. Stick to major roadways that are usually safer and in better condition during winter storms.

When driving in winter conditions, remember to always consider the possibility of damage and avoid such situations when you can. If you do get minor dents and dings try paintless dent repair instead of traditional, costly methods. Paintless dent repair will save you money and time and can restore the value of your vehicle. Contact us at Dent Shop California for quick and easy paintless dent repairs today.