Many car owners put off getting professional estimate and repair for their minor car dents, or worse yet, they attempt a DIY repair. Car dents need immediate professional attention, from a technician trained in the most modern and effective methods of repair. These unsightly blemishes affect you and your vehicle in more than one way – here’s why the sooner you get them professionally repaired, the better.

Dents Devalue Your Vehicle

As one of the larger investments in your life and often your primary mode of transportation, a vehicle is a very important asset in your life. A dent, whether large or small, reduces the value of your vehicle. Dent repair helps you protect your investment in your vehicle, because its value lies in both the appearance and functionality.

Dents Can Affect the Function of Your Vehicle

In rare instances, the location and depth of a dent can affect your vehicle’s functionality. Though this is mostly limited to dents of varying depths in the hood or front of your vehicle, which could possibly affect the engine, a dent in the hinge of your door could protect it from opening fully or at all. If a dent can keep your vehicle from functioning at its optimum level of safety, it’s important to seek a professional estimate for repairs.

Dents Do Not Fix Themselves

Leaving a dent in your vehicle can be stressful in more ways than one for the car owner. Delaying seeking repairs means you’ll be reminded of the dent most times you go to drive your vehicle, especially if it’s visible when you walk to and from the driver’s side door. If you procrastinate finding a repair solution, those negative feelings will remain, affecting your mood and energy level even if only slightly due to this added stress.

Paintless Dent Repair Is Easier Than You Think

Many people put off repairing car dents because they do not want to go days without their vehicle. Luckily, today, a new technique is available that can repair your dents in record time.

Paintless dent repair (PDR) uses state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to coax dents out of your vehicle and restore it to a like-new condition. Experts agree that PDR can address 80% to 90% of dents successfully. No body filler or paint is used during this process, which means no long drying times or delays. It is a quick, easy process that restores your vehicle to its pre-damaged condition. On average, the process takes about 75% less time than traditional paint and body filler methods.

Dent Repair Can Be Less Expensive Than You Think

PDR only requires reusable tools to repair your vehicle, which means it is less expensive than conventional methods of dent removal that take longer and require more labor and materials. PDR can be a very affordable way to remove car dents, especially because the repair method does not harm your vehicle’s warrantied paint job.

Find out if your car dents can be repaired with PDR by turning to the trusted source in paintless dent removal: Dent Shop. Our team of hail repair and PDR technicians can determine if your vehicle is suitable for paintless dent repair and offer you a free estimate. Contact us today to learn more!