Deep dents and creases in your vehicle may have you considering if you can accomplish DIY dents repairs instead of relying on expensive autobody repair. However, the average car owner doesn’t have the proper knowledge, training or tools to remove vehicle dents. There are many instructional resources available online, but not all of them are credible. At times, vehicle owners end up with less than desirable outcomes or find that their attempts have caused additional cosmetic damage. Here are important reasons why you should abandon the notion of DIY dent repair for your beloved car.

You May Further Damage Your Car

As stated earlier, your desire to remove those deep dents and creases from your vehicle may result in you causing further damage to your car. Car owners have tried using dry ice, a hairdryer or other methods found on the internet. Despite your best efforts to get rid of those minor dents and dings, you’ve caused serious damage if your attempts result in any scratches or chips in the paint. Any paint damage that occurs requires repainting to avoid rust from forming on your vehicle, meaning your dent issues have become much more serious. Large dent repair is a process that only expert auto dent repair technicians should handle.

Issues with Your Car Insurance Company

Another reason that you want to steer clear of DIY car dent repair is the fact your auto insurance company is not likely to support the endeavor. You’ll be on your own to pay for tools to fix the damage. If you file a claim, then choose to go the DIY route and make the damage worse, this may invalidate your claim due to the increased cost of repairs. In addition, if your insurance company writes a check for the anticipated cost of repairs, but then you try DIY methods and damage the paint, they may demand the compensation returned. The bottom line is this: your insurance company is supposed to act in good faith and so are you in order to restore the value of your investment – DIY methods are not the way to go.

Your DIY Dent Removal Could Impact the Resale Value of Your Car

Even if you’re not looking to sell your vehicle, its value is still important. In the event of a crash or other form of damage, the value of the car must be higher than the total cost of repairs otherwise it could be prematurely totaled. Keep in mind this is an extreme case. However, maintaining the value and appearance of your vehicle is vitally important. That’s why it’s crucial to have deep dents, creases and damage fixed by a professional technician skilled in large dent repairs. Under no circumstances should you scratch the paint in your DIY attempts. If that happens, repainting is required, which invalidates the factory finish warranty since the car’s paint is no longer guaranteed to match or last a certain number of years before fading, bubbling, discoloring, chipping, etc.

Even though you may be looking to save money and avoid dealing with your insurance company, you have to come to terms with the fact that you have no idea how to utilize the latest dent-repair techniques. You may not even have the tools necessary to do the job. Unless you’re a licensed paintless dent repair (PDR) technician, leave the dent repair to the professionals. In the long run, you’ll be happy that you did.

A professional paintless dent removal specialist has specialized training to remove those deep dents and creases without compromising your vehicle’s resale value. If you’re looking for quality PDR dent removal for those deep dents and creases, your search is over. As your California dent removal specialists, we use the latest tools, technology and methods for quality paintless dent removal. Many of our dent removal processes are minimally invasive and fast – you may even have your car back in a few hours or the same day.

Instead of the DIY dent removal that you want to try, give us a call. We serve both Riverside and San Bernardino, CA for your convenience. Some projects are great to do yourself, but paintless dent removal for those deep dents and creases isn’t one of them. Let our expert PDR specialists assist. Contact us today.