When your car sustains damage, it’s important to look into getting repairs completed as soon as possible. If your primary concern is denting in your car’s exterior, then it could be worth looking into paintless dent repair (PDR). Not sure when PDR is the best option for your vehicle? Here are a few scenarios in which you definitely want to consider paintless dent repair.

Use Paintless Dent Repair if Dents Haven’t Damaged Your Vehicle’s Paint

Almost 90% of dents can be repaired by a PDR technician. Paintless dent repair, as the name suggests, doesn’t harm the paint or require any repainting after being performed. Of course, this is dependent on the nature of your vehicle’s dents. As long as the dents didn’t compromise the modern automotive paints on your vehicle’s exterior, a PDR technician should be able to repair the damage. They’ll perform a close inspection of the dents on your vehicle beforehand to ensure that paintless dent removal will be a viable repair option for you before performing the work.

Choose Paintless Dent Repair if Your Vehicle is Newer

Vehicle value depreciates slowly over time, but can precipitously drop for any age car when dings or dents mar the surface. That said, PDR tends to work best on newer cars. More specifically, PDR works most effectively on cars built after 1990 with all original panels intact. A used or older car is still worth repairing, but major dents may total an older car. Any model is going to have its value restored after being repaired using PDR. If your goal is to retain as much of your vehicle’s value as possible after a dent, then PDR is a great option to consider.

Select Paintless Dent Repair If There’s No Creasing

When a dent is creased, it will look like part of a panel has been folded. There is usually a distinct straight line running through the middle of these dents. While shallow creases may be viable candidates for PDR, deep creases may not be suitable for repair with PDR techniques. The ideal dent for PDR techniques will be shallow and rounded. Dents with these characteristics typically require the least time and effort to repair with PDR. Dents from hail often fall into this category, which is why PDR is perfect for repairing hail damage.

If you’re still not sure whether PDR is the best repair option for your vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We’re ready to help you get back on the road in no time with cost-effective, high-quality paintless dent repairs. Contact us at Dent Shop California today for a free assessment.