There are many situations and objects that can cause dents and dings. Apart from accidents and fender benders, you also need to know about other events that can damage your car so you can avoid them if possible. Here are some of the most common causes of car dents and damage that may require large dent removal.

Car Doors

It’s always advisable to give room for clearance when you park your vehicle close to other cars. Car doors are among the most common causes of car dings and dents. Unfortunately, there are careless drivers out there who will open their door without taking the car next to them into consideration. Unless you are in the car, you will come back to find a dent and no one to blame. So, make sure this doesn’t happen to you; always look for the most open section in a parking lot and leave your car in a space there. If someone leaves a noticeable door ding on your vehicle, don’t delay. Find a large dent removal service close to you and get your car fixed with PDR immediately.

Road Debris

This is another common cause of car dents. As you are driving along highways and other major roads, sticks, stones, trash and other types of debris can get propelled towards your vehicle from any direction. Because of the force of impact and the speed at which you’re traveling, this has the potential to cause minor dents. Try to leave enough room between you and the car in front of you to see when debris in the road can damage your vehicle. When you know there’s construction on your route, try to take an alternate route to avoid exposing your car to this risk. If that’s not possible, try to stay in the lane furthest from the construction.


This is one of the most notorious causes of car dents and dings in certain parts of the country. Heavy hail with fast winds can cause serious damage to even the most durable vehicles. Luckily, in most cases Californians only have to worry about hail on road trips since hail isn’t a common occurrence here. However, knowing the damage hailstorms can cause can encourage you to take the necessary precautions when one pops up in the weather forecast. If you hear that a storm is on its way, while on the road or at home, the best thing to do is park in a sheltered area, such as underneath an overpass or bridge, or find a garage or some other form of cover. Data from the National Weather Service indicates that all it takes is a hailstone the size of a golf ball, which is approximately 1.75 inches, to damage your car.

These are some of the most common causes of car dents and dings. It’s important to know these causes because it will help you drive more cautiously and do everything in your power to protect your car from being dented. In the event that your car gets damaged, contact Dent Shop California. We specialize in large dent removal with expert paintless dent repair so that your car can be restored to its normal condition and appearance quickly and efficiently.