No matter the size, vehicle dents are inconvenient and unsightly. Minor dents and dings can come from numerous sources, like a child’s baseball or hockey stick, a fallen tree branch or even another vehicle door swinging into yours. You can’t always control when car dents appear. However, you can choose to return your vehicle to its top condition by getting rid of dents and dings with the services of a paintless dent repair (PDR) technician.

Here are a few qualities to look for in a paintless dent repair company when your vehicle sustains unwanted dents and dings.


Repairing large vehicle dents, or even minor dents and dings, takes professional expertise. This is why you need to visit a paintless dent repair shop that has experience fixing dents of all sizes on a variety of different vehicles, including newer and pre-owned models. The more your PDR technician knows, the better they’ll be able to perform paintless dent removal techniques to fix your vehicle like the damage never happened.

Excellent Reputation

You also want to find a paintless dent repair company that has an excellent reputation. Browse through customer reviews before visiting a shop for an estimate. Look for five-star reviews that highlight positive customer experiences. This way, you know that you’ve chosen a trustworthy paintless dent repair company that is liked and admired by locals in your community.
You can also ask family members or friends in your area who have required PDR services before. Avoid technicians with unsatisfied customer reviews, unreasonably high prices and slow turnaround times. You need your vehicle in and out of the shop quickly!

Superb Customer Service

Business owners often prioritize customer service, as it’s one aspect of business that’s directly controlled by employees. Friendliness and the ability to answer questions, address concerns and provide explanations are key. So, when you’re searching for a paintless dent repair technician in your area, first call around to a few shops. Ask them about their services and ask a few questions about paintless dent repair. If the person you speak with from the shop seems friendly, look into their business further. From there, you should be able to tell whether it’s a good idea to have your vehicle repaired there.


Paintless dent repair is praised because it’s a time-saving, cost-efficient alternative to traditional dent repair methods. Therefore, you need to find a paintless dent repair technician with reasonable prices and turnaround times. Before committing to one shop, get an estimate from more than one place to determine what your options are. Read through customer reviews, too, to ensure they don’t have customer complaints about prices or repair times as well.

Strong Work Ethic

Lastly, you should aim to choose a paintless dent repair company that employs PDR technicians with a strong work ethic. You don’t want a shop that takes days to complete simple paintless dent repair jobs that should only take a few hours.

An excellent PDR shop that portrays a strong work ethic will also inspect your car for further damage during the estimate stage. They will be honest and communicative and ensure they exceed your expectations.

Paintless dent repair is an excellent option when your vehicle has sustained small or large dents and dings. Look for these qualities in a paintless dent repair shop so you can have an excellent experience and a great-looking fixed vehicle in the end. Contact our team of professionals at Dent Shop California today for an estimate and top-notch repairs!