Dents and dings can happen to your car even when you’re a safe and careful driver. Unfortunately, occurrences outside of our control can cause minor and even serious dents to our vehicles. Natural causes like rocks, branches or debris from the road can cause dents, but sometimes our car’s biggest enemy is a parking lot full of swinging car doors and shopping carts. When you find a dent in your car, you may be worried about the costs of repairs, the hassle of finding a trustworthy local repair shop and the inconvenience of finding a loaner car. These are valid fears when it comes to traditional dent repairs, which can be pricey and take significant time to complete. However, with paintless dent removal, you can save time and money, and often save on the cost of a loaner car as well. Not sure what paintless dent removal is, or if it really works? Below are some quick facts to help you with your next vehicle dent repair.

What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), often also known as Paintless Dent Repair, is a minimally invasive dent removal technique that restores the dented metal of your car to its original form without harming the valuable factory finish paint. Traditional dent repair strips paint from the dented surface area, then uses paint or filler to fill in the dent and finally, paints over the filler to match the rest of the car. Each step is labor-intensive and takes time to complete, costing much more in money and time than paintless dent removal. Paintless dent repair can be performed if there is no paint missing on the dent, and experts say typically 80 to 90% of dents can be repaired by this method. Since the paintless dent removal tools and lighting equipment are reusable, and no harmful chemicals or labor-intensive processes are used, this minimally invasive process is more cost-effective and is also better for the environment.

How Does Paintless Dent Removal Work?

The PDR technician assesses the dent to be able to see how they can get behind it to be able to perform the paintless dent repair. Once they have access to the dent, they use a specialized light to be able to fully see the dent cavity and know exactly which tool to use and where to place it. The trained technicians then apply slow pressure and massage the dent to work it out, a process that can often be done in only a few hours. The durability of the metal panel as well as the factory finish paint enables PDR technicians to restore the panel to its pre-damaged shape. This gets your car back to its original form without having to sand, paint or apply filler which helps maintain your vehicle value in the long run! Not only does the resale of your car not get affected, but the dent is permanently fixed.

The next time you discover a dent in your vehicle, opt for a paintless dent removal evaluation first. Now that you understand the benefits of this repair process, you can easily get your dents fixed for a lesser cost, in half the time and without needing a loaner vehicle. For local dent repairs you can trust, contact Dent Shop California today for a free evaluation, superior service and guaranteed satisfaction.