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Paintless Dent Removal and Repair Services

Your vehicle is a valuable asset that is susceptible to minor dents and dings from encounters with adjacent car doors, runaway shopping carts and other hard surfaces. While those encounters probably don’t affect your vehicle’s performance, they do affect its appearance and can significantly reduce its value. Dent Shop California specializes in Paintless Dent Repair—a quick, minimally invasive and cost-effective way to restore your lightly damaged car to its original condition.

PDR is a technique that takes advantage of substantial improvements in car finishes. Modern automotive paints are formulated to be hard and resilient, so most dings and dents on your vehicle’s surface do not involve damage to the paint itself. PDR is a specialized process that involves no filling, sanding or painting, so there is no risk of color mismatches, paint overspray or even paint separation that might occur in a more conventional body shop repair. Our highly trained and experienced technicians can correct those dings and dents without compromising the integrity of your vehicle’s factory finish.

Your PDR dent removal technician will closely inspect the affected area to determine the paint’s integrity. If the paint finish is intact, he can quickly undo the damage and restore your car’s skin to its original luster and smoothness. First, he will carefully remove inner panels and moldings to access the damaged metal (or plastic) surface from behind. He will then gently massage and tap the dent using a series of repeated actions and specialized tools so that your auto’s skin gradually reverts to its original contours. The repair requires time, delicacy, precision and patience. The result is a perfectly restored ‘skin.’

PDR is an environmentally sound approach to body work: We use no chemicals, sanders or paint. Minor dents can be corrected in less than an hour, so you will be on your way in no time. Best of all, because its factory finishes have not been compromised, your car retains its surface integrity and therefore its resale value.

Bring your vehicle in for an assessment. If we conclude that we cannot restore your auto’s pristine appearance through paintless dent repair, we will help you find an experienced and reputable body shop convenient to you.

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