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Large Dent Removal

Your vehicle may have more serious dents or even creases that mar its appearance. Most people think this kind of damage means a trip to—and the inconveniences around—a traditional body shop, where a technician typically applies filler, then sands, primes and finally repaints the affected area.
However, modern automotive paints are formulated to be hard and resilient, so even large creases or dents on your vehicle’s surface may not involve damage to the paint itself. Before you take your car to a body shop, let Dent Shop California have a look. If the paint is not damaged, we can use paintless dent repair techniques to correct those deep dents and creases and restore your vehicle’s ‘skin’ to its original appearance.
Dent Shop California’s experienced technician expertly removes the affected area’s inner finishes to access the damaged section from behind. He gently massages and taps the crease or dent using a series of actions and specialized tools so that your auto’s skin gradually reverts to its original contours. Large dent repair requires time, delicacy, precision and patience, but your vehicle’s paint remains intact, which eliminates the risk of a color mismatch, paint overspray or eventual paint separation that may result from a more conventional body shop repair.
Best of all, because the surface finishes have not been compromised, your car retains its surface integrity and therefore its resale value even after large dent removal.
Bring your vehicle in for an assessment. We can expertly correct most large dents and creases without affecting the finish. If we conclude that we cannot restore your auto’s pristine appearance with paintless dent repair techniques, we will help you find an experienced and reputable body shop convenient to you.
Paintless dent repair services are cost effective, and most repairs can be accomplished in a few hours, depending on the depth of the crease or dent. Call us for an appointment. You will be back on the road in no time!

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