If your vehicle has sustained minor dents and dings, you must check whether they can be fixed with paintless dent repair (PDR). As long as the paint is still intact, there is a good chance that PDR techniques can bring your vehicle back to its former glory. This method works perfectly for minor dents and dings that are not too complex in nature, so let’s explore this type of repair in more detail.

How PDR Works

Paintless dent repair is a cost-effective, methodical process that fixes dents as opposed to covering them up. When completed properly by a trained professional, it can only take around two hours to fix a dent in your vehicle.

PDR can be used to remove 80-90% of minor dents and dings. In fact, nowadays, it is the recommended way of removing dents from vehicles. If the area behind the dent can be accessed, then the professionals can massage out the dent using PDR techniques and restore your car. Fortunately, with PDR, there is no need to repaint your car. The vehicle’s original (and valuable) paint will not even be disturbed in the process, ensuring your vehicle’s paint will last as long as is guaranteed by manufacturers. This makes paintless dent repair more efficient and less time-consuming than the majority of dent removal methods.

PDR for Minor Dents and Dings from Minor Accidents or Debris

Small dents are often the result of impacts, from debris, branches, sports balls, animals, hail, very mild collisions and more. If you notice a small dent in your car, you need to inspect it closely to see whether it can be fixed using PDR. Cracked or chipped paint means the exposed metal will rust, so PDR cannot be used on that type of dent. Look at the damaged area to determine if the paint is fully intact. Even in the event of a slight collision, there can be paint transfer from the other car, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the paint on your vehicle is damaged. As long as your paint has not cracked, you can rest assured your dent can be fixed using PDR.

Repairing Door Dings With PDR

Many drivers park their vehicles too close to the next car, which can sometimes lead to accidental door dent on your vehicle. In most cases, a car will have a side rim to protect against this, but in the case that you don’t, you will end up with a dent that needs repairing. At other times, a runaway shopping cart or debris can hit your vehicle, causing dents of varying sizes. Don’t despair when you find a door ding or dent on your car. Remember, if there are no cracks in your paint, you can opt for PDR to quickly and cost-effectively restore your car to its normal condition.

Dents can be annoying, and they deform your vehicle. Once you notice any minor dents and dings on your car, you will want to get them fixed as soon as possible. If the paint has not been damaged, then paintless dent repair is the way to go. Contact our team at Dent Shop California for dent removal and paintless dent repair today!