Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), is the name given to the innovative method used by mechanics and auto body repair experts to fix minor dent damage on a vehicle’s exterior. It is widely regarded as the fastest, most affordable and least intrusive process to deal with dent damage on the majority of vehicles.

In the hands of certified, experienced PDR technicians, this modern method is becoming more and more widespread and trusted. Paintless dent repair experts use the latest technologies to fix a range of dents and dings in car doors, hoods, bumpers and roofs with this innovative and highly affordable repair option.

How PDR Processes Work

On the surface (no pun intended), paintless dent repair may seem complicated. While there is a great deal of training, skill and hands-on experience needed to get the best possible results, the process itself is fairly easy to understand:

  • First, damage sustained to the vehicle has to be assessed. The location and size of the dent matter because it can affect how the paintless dent repair is approached. Dents with paint damage or severe scratches are not eligible for PDR because the exposed metal will rust over time. PDR technicians are careful to inspect for paint damage, because exposed metal will rust and then spread, and ensuring that PDR is the right solution from the get-go is important.
  • After assessing the damage and seeing if it can be addressed with PDR processes (and the majority of dents can), the technician will begin working on the repair.
  • To get to the underside of the dented area, it is common for the immediate and surrounding panels to be accessed. At times, this may require the removal of side panels or other components of the vehicle in order to access the dent easily.
  • Once the technician has access to the dent, it will be carefully inspected to look for any signs of advanced damage that was not visible initially.
  • With specialized tools that highlight the dent and mark the main areas that have been compromised, the actual repair process begins.
  • By carefully applying pressure to work out the dent the technician will use specialized tools to carefully massage the material and guide the exterior back to its original shape and remove the dent. This step is methodical and slow. Specialized lighting helps the technician examine the dent from every angle and ensure the body line and crease match up as the process gets completed. By the time the technician is done, the dent has been completely removed and the vehicle is back in pre-damaged condition.

The paintless dent repair process often is completed as a same-day service for most dings and dents. More advanced damage may require prolonged repair work to get the damage fixed, but rest assured PDR can confidently address small to large dents as well as hail damage. It will be well worth the wait though as the results are usually quite amazing, especially considering how non-invasive and affordable PDR is, to begin with.

Make sure you get that dent or ding taken care of with paintless dent repair. Call your local repair shop and ask them if they offer paintless dent repair services. To find out if PDR is right for you and how Dent Shop California can help, contact us today!