Beyond harming your vehicle’s appearance, dents and dings also lower the resale value of your car. Regardless of how immaculately you maintain your car, this reduction in value will be permanent unless the repair method you choose fixes both the cosmetic appearance and underlying damage. Autobody shops offer expensive, time-consuming repairs that fix only the appearance of your vehicle. Luckily, there’s one popular repair option that restores your vehicle’s value: paintless dent repair.

Why Choose Paintless Dent Repair?

The good news is your vehicle is likely a candidate for the minimally invasive process known as paintless dent repair. According to auto repair specialists, as many as 90% of auto body damage, from minor dents and dings to large dents, can be fixed with paintless dent repair.

So how does it work? PDR is the repair solution that fixes the appearance and underlying damage when your vehicle gets dented. Unlike traditional body work, which requires partially removing your car’s original paint job to then fill in and repaint over the dent, paintless dent repair is done without altering the original paint at all. Instead, paintless dent repair technicians use specialized industry tools including lights and hand tools to reshape your car’s exterior back to its original curves and sheen. The result is a minimally invasive process that is faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly to boot!

Determine if PDR is the Best Option for You

Next time you’re looking for car dent repair, start by locating a local paintless dent repair (PDR) shop near you. The certified technicians will be able to evaluate the dents or creases in your car’s body and tell you if PDR is right for you. Without paint damage present, your vehicle is likely suitable for this repair method. After a thorough evaluation, the PDR technicians can estimate the repair time, which is usually only a few hours. Once you’ve approved the repairs, they’ll slowly massage out the dents in the metal panels until your vehicle’s appearance and value is restored. All these reasons and more are why this fast and budget-friendly method is preferred by insurance companies.

In short, paintless dent repair is a quick, cost-effective and minimally invasive process that doesn’t require you to get a loaner car and offers the highest value of repairs for your money. So the next time you’ve got a ding or dent to repair, look no further than your local paintless dent repair shop. Contact us at Dent Shop California today for a free evaluation for vehicle dent repairs!