It’s only natural for your car to pick up minor dents and dings over the years. At times, it can happen from road debris or a minor fender-bender, swinging car doors in a jammed parking lot or a kid may bump into your car when bike-riding. Your car may get dented in many ways, but the important thing is that you seek car dent repair from an experienced technician. The most suitable, effective and convenient dent repair method is PDR – Paintless Dent Repair.

Compared to the conventional dent repair method, PDR – also known as paintless dent removal – is superior, faster and far more effective. Here’s why.

1. Paintless Dent Repair is Minimally Invasive

When your car is dented, you may get worried when you think of all the expensive repair work needed. But that’s because you are thinking of the traditional dent repair process that involves stripping, sanding and repainting. However, with paintless dent repair, your car dents will be restored using special dent repair tools. If the dents haven’t disturbed your car’s original paint, a PDR technician will massage the metal panels back to their original position. There is no sanding, repainting or replacing body panels when paintless dent repair is applied. As a result, the factory finish of your car is untouched. After PDR, there will be no signs of dent repair because PDR delivers near-perfect results.

2. PDR Is a More Cost-Effective Dent Repair Technique

Since paintless dent removal doesn’t involve many repair processes and materials, there is less labor and material costs. When you take your car to a PDR shop for dent repair, the technician will assess how serious the dents are and if PDR is suitable for fixing the damage. This only takes a few minutes, and then paintless dent repair technician will begin the repair process. The PDR technician will not utilize any chemicals or paints, only specialized reusable tools, which keeps the overall repair costs at a minimum.

What influences the cost of PDR?

Serious dents on hard-to-reach car parts will require more time and attention to get repaired, and the repair cost will be higher. Minor dents and dings on the easily accessible panels take less time and effort. Therefore, the repair cost is lower. Overall, the cost of large dent repair and minor car dent repair is more affordable compared to the traditional dent repair techniques.

3. Insurance Companies Prefer PDR

Additionally, most auto insurance companies recommend PDR as the ideal dent repair technique. This is because paintless dent repair is less costly, and it’s also fast. The quick repair time eliminates the need for insurance to send a courtesy car. Most importantly, it protects the value of the vehicle at a cheaper repair cost. From an insurance perspective, paintless dent removal is good for business.

4. Paintless Dent Removal is Eco-friendly

With traditional car dent repair techniques, your vehicle’s body panels will need to be painted after the dents are filled. Automotive paint utilizes solvents such as enamel, urethane and lacquer. These solvents contain volatile organic compounds that are harmful to people and the environment. On the other hand, paintless dent removal doesn’t need repainting. Therefore, there’re no harmful solvents or chemicals involved. Today, with industries worldwide looking for ways to preserve the environment, PDR is the most eco-friendly dent repair technique.

5. PDR Takes Less Time and Delivers Effective Results

When done properly and methodically, PDR can take up to two hours or less to complete. There’s no need for surface preparation and paint drying, as is the case with time-consuming conventional dent repair techniques. As long as your car dents can be repaired through PDR, you won’t wait for long to get the dents repaired. In most cases, when your car has minor dents and dings, the dents can be repaired in under an hour. It takes less time to deliver flawless results, making paintless dent repair the ideal dent-removal technique for most car owners.

Paintless dent repair outweighs the traditional dent repair techniques in all aspects. PDR is more effective, saves time and money, is eco-friendly and doesn’t disturb your vehicle’s factory finish. You should trust the top PDR technicians with repairing your car – so contact us at Dent Shop California today for your dent repair needs!