When your car has a dent, it makes sense that you’d want to take care of the problem yourself. But unless you’re a retired PDR technician with a garage full of your own tools, it’s not a good idea to try DIYing your dent repair.

DIY dent repairs can end up reducing the integrity of your car’s body, and if your insurance covers the repair then you could be passing up a professional repair for a not-so-professional one.

If you’re still reaching for your toolbox convinced your DIY job wouldn’t come out too bad, here are five reasons to leave your dent repair up to the PDR technicians.

  1. You don’t have the experience to do a seamless job. Sure, you could DIY your dent repair, but you wouldn’t want to. You could also sew your own jeans, but you’d want to see a professional get the job done well. If you want the dents in your vehicle gone completely, let a PDR technician do the job. The risk always outweighs the attempt that you’ll do it right.
  2. You could ruin your paint and hurt your warranty. Every vehicle comes with a factory paint warranty. Unfortunately, when you try to DIY your dent repair, you run the risk of ruining your paint. This means if the paint is damaged in any way because you’ve chipped it or scratched it trying to DIY the repair, your warranty is gone.
  3. Your insurance company isn’t a big DIY fan. You might like the idea of DIYing your dent repair, but your insurance company won’t. Your insurance company expects you to use the money they give you to repair your vehicle professionally. If you choose to pocket the money your insurance company gives you, they’ll remember that the next time your car gets hail damage.
  4. You can impact your car’s resale value. Your vehicle won’t be with you forever. If you plan on reselling your vehicle in the future, you want it to be worth as much as possible. A DIY dent repair will greatly reduce the amount of money you can trade your vehicle for.

Looking for a professional PDR technician?

Professional paintless dent repair is a methodical process that can take up to two hours when done right. The PDR technicians at the Dent Shop of California can get your car looking good as new again whether you have small car dents or serious dents. For more information about dent removal, contact the Dent Shop of California today.