Have you had an unfortunate accident? Did a huge hailstone put serious dents in your shiny, brand-new car? If so, we don’t blame you for being upset. Large dent repair can be a hassle in terms of price and the effort to find a reputable mechanic to take care of it for you. 

To make your life a little easier right now, here are three things to look out for when trying to locate a dent repair service in your area.

1. They Don’t Upcharge You

It’s true that large dent removal can be a painstaking process. However, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Find out the standard fees for large dent repair in your area. Every market is slightly different, and you’ll be able to price your area by doing a bit of comparison shopping.

If you find a mechanic that will do the work for $200 more than the rest, he better be using some unique dent repair techniques not being used by anyone else to justify the charge. Hint: paintless dent removal isn’t one of them. Though this technique is superior to any other type of large dent repair, it’s not uncommon for most auto body shops to use it nowadays.

2. They Use Paintless Dent Repair

In fact, your auto body technician should only be using paintless dent repair on your vehicle. Experts claim that most (80-90%) of dents can be removed or smoothed out by paintless dent removal.

This process is not unheard of, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. You just have to visit your chosen auto body shop, leave your car for a couple of hours (that’s how long the whole process should take), and then get back into a car that’s as good as new. 

3. They Don’t Keep Your Car For Days At A Time

Have you ever dropped off your car at an auto body shop, just to be told to come back for it in a week or two? If so, we understand your hesitation around finding a new large dent repair specialist. Furthermore, we’re here to tell you that this type of wait is entirely unacceptable.

It’s true — some auto body shops are busy, and thus, it’s difficult to squeeze emergency customers in when necessary. However, even if a customer needs an impromptu job done, it should not take weeks for a service to complete it.

As mentioned before, an auto body shop should be able to complete a paintless large dent repair in approximately two hours’ time. In that case, your car should be ready to pick up on the same day as it’s dropped off. If your mechanic of choice is busy, it should take at most two to three days for the job to get done. Any longer than that for a relatively fast (though slightly complex) project is less than reasonable.

Final Thoughts

Are you finally ready to get rid of those ugly dents and creases on the bumper of your car? If so, take the above tips to heart and search for a reputable large dent repair service to make your car look flawless again. Better yet, call us up or come and pay us a visit, so that we can take care of your car dents. We promise to guide you and serve you with the utmost professional care.