By 2024, the collision repair market for vehicles is expected to reach over $280 billion. Thousands of vehicles get dented and dinged every year. Damage can easily occur from debris and parking lot door dings, and from slight fender benders to major collisions. Whether your vehicle needs small or large dent repair, it’s important to have the damage repaired as soon as you can. In particular, paintless dent repair (PDR) is a great option when you spot dents on your vehicle. Here are three solid reasons why you should use this repair method as soon as possible.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

PDR is a modern dent repair method that removes dents and dings while preserving the integrity of the original metal and paint, which is incredibly important for vehicle worth. Paintless dent repair is a dent repair process that does not mask over dents or involve repainting your car. PDR experts utilize special equipment to “massage” or “pop” a dent out of the body of a vehicle so it goes back to its original shape. If there is no paint damage present, then PDR is an ideal process for dent repair, regardless of the dent size.

1. PDR Helps Preserve the Value of Your Vehicle

The minute you start driving a new car, its value begins to depreciate. If you sustain dents, the value goes down even more. Counterintuitively, traditional dent repair does not restore vehicle value because that process involves filling and repainting over dents. The conventional results are prone to error, the repainting job in particular. Thankfully, the PDR technique removes dents without interfering with a vehicle’s paintwork. You can have small dents repaired while still maintaining the protective factory finish for your car, effectively preserving the value.

2. PDR Is an Eco-Friendly Choice

Dent repair shops that offer PDR do not use car paint, which reduces the number of chemicals released in the air. The PDR process does not require the use of air guns, which take up even more energy as they disperse the volatile paint compounds into the air. When you have minor dents and dings fixed using PDR, you are making an eco-friendly choice that is healthier and cleaner for the environment. Paintless dent repair only requires reusable tools in the hands of a skilled, trained technician.

3. PDR Takes Much Less Time

Dent repair can take days and even weeks if you go the traditional route that requires repainting, as the step-by-step process is long. If the dent repair you need does not involve repainting over paint damage and the dent is not too deep, PDR is the way to go. It typically takes just a few hours or a day to complete, depending on how busy the shop is. Because it’s a cost-effective, efficient method, PDR is preferred by insurance companies and drivers alike. In most cases, you don’t even need a loaner vehicle while repairs are being completed.

Work with PDR technicians for dent repair services that will have your car looking new again. You have the potential to choose an eco-friendly service, preserve the value of your vehicle, and get it back quickly. Contact the PDR experts at Dent Shop California to learn more about their services today.