As careful as we are with our cars, minor dents and dings can sometimes be out of our control. When this happens, many of us dread the hassle and the wait we’ll have to endure as we wait for expensive repairs. Fortunately, large dent removal doesn’t have to take a huge toll on your life.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Can Help

For most vehicle owners, the main challenge with large dents is that it alters the overall aesthetics of the car. Most people want their cars to retain the original factory finish that is usually exquisite and impossible to replicate. This is only possible through paintless dent repair (PDR). Conventional large dent removal involves a number of time-consuming steps. The results of this process are neither appealing nor affordable, invalidating the factory finish warranty and sometimes resulting in paint mismatch or inferior, noticeable repair jobs. Even worse, it may take a week or more for your everyday technician to repair serious dents with this method. On the other hand, a paintless dent repair technician can complete large dent repairs within a few days tops. A PDR technician uses modern dent-repair techniques to fix the car dents within a few hours by massaging out the impacted metal. When done properly and methodically, PDR can take up to two hours.

Here are a few more benefits of paintless dent repair.

PDR is Eco-Friendly

Repainting a car utilizes more than one type of paint and car spray, not to mention requires time consuming grinding to prep the surface, and delays for each application of paint to dry. These sprays contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as Toluene, Xylene and Acetone. These compounds are not harmful to the environment and also to human beings. On the other hand, paintless dent repairs do not require use of paint or fillers. As such, PDR techniques causes zero harm to the environment because no volatile organic compounds are released.

PDR is More Affordable

The cost of large dent removal using the conventional dent repair technique that utilizes fillers and paints is sky-high compared to the cost of PDR. Not only do you pay for the various materials used such as sandpaper, putties, fillers and paints but also you pay for labor. Keeping in mind that large dent removal may take a lot of time to be complete, you are in for quite a big bill at the end. However, paintless dent repair utilizes specialized, reusable tools and less labor. The cost is much more affordable, and you don’t have to break the bank to pay for the large dent repair.

PDR Boosts Resale Value

Since PDR requires no painting and preserves the factory finish of a car, the resale value is high because the car looks as good as new. Most car buyers will instantly tell if you have repainted your car, and conventional repairs can ding thousands off your Carfax report. This sparks many questions, as repainting a car is usually associated with major large dent removal that was mostly as a result of a serious car accident. Nobody wants to buy an accident car, as there is no telling how badly damaged the car interior is. However, paintless dent repair will preserve the resale value of the car. In fact, a buyer may not even notice any signs of repair at all. When expertly done, even a discerning car buyer will not find evidence of large dent repair on a car. As such, your car will fetch a great price in the automotive market.

Paintless dent repair remains the most preferred technique for car dent repair, for vehicle owners and insurance companies alike. For expert paintless dent repair and dent removal, contact our team at Dent Shop of California.